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Freestanding Lace Sets


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Q0324 - Celtic Cross 1 and 2 - Freestanding Lace and Fabric designs  -4x4

0199 - Kaleidoscope Coasters and Ornaments - Embroidery and Freestanding lace

FSL Cross and Dove Doily

Freestanding Lace Butterfly Basket, Doily and Bowl

FSL Strawberry Doily & Bowl

FSL Butterfly Doily & Bowl 1

FSL Lighthouse Basket 5x7

FSL Heart Doily & Bowl

FSL Basket 1 - 4x4

FSL Basket 2 - 4x4

FSL USA Basket / Flag & Coaster

FSL Baby Basket

FSL Fall / Autumn Baskets

FSL Pansy Basket

FSL Rose Basket

FSL Doily & Bowl 2

FSL Holly Basket - 4x4

FSL Doily & Bowl 6

FSL 3D Poinsettia Basket

FSL Doily & Bowl 4

Freestanding Lace Purse 2

Freestanding Lace Purse 1

FSL Gift Box

FSL Doily & Bowl 3

FSL Heart - Monograms

FSL Heart  - Variety

FSL Kleenex Box Cover 1

FSL Kleenex Box Cover 2

FSL and Cutwork- Rose Lace

FSL Christmas Ornaments

FSL - Crochet Lace 1- Flower

FSL - Crochet Lace Bear

FSL 3D Poinsettias

FSL Religious Symbol Ornaments

FSL- Crochet Lace  2 - Heart

FSL- Crochet Lace 3 - Rose

FSL - Crochet Lace 4 - Colour

FSL Crochet Lace A - Triangles

FSL,  Rose trim (edging)

FSL,  Trim A (Rose Insert Lace)

FSL Corner Bookmarks

FSL Waistcoat

FSL Praying Hands

Star of David -
Lace - Free Lace & Appliqué

FSL Stars & Snowflakes

3 D FSL & Organza Butterfly 

3 D FSL & Organza Bow

A Variety of FSL designs for all occasions.

FSL Square & Border

FSL Coaster

FSL Message Tags & Discs

Miscellaneous & 3 D FSL,  Organza Butterfly

FSL 3D Xmas Projects

FSL Alphabet (optional loop for ornaments)


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