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Project Photo's Index

These web pages have been created to honor you the embroiderers.
You are all very talented in the way you use and combine designs.
Thank you for having "oh, sew much fun" with the designs
and for sharing your talents with all of us.

Lynn's Teddy Bear Quilt
Cherri's "Lumberjacks" Quilt
Lynn's Crazy Cats Quilt
Sandy's Dresden Wall Hangings
Anneke's Floral Pillows/Cushions
Kay's Hexagon Quilt
Bonnie's Cathedral Star Table Cloth
Carols' Quilted Fabric - Jam Preserve "Shoe"
Melinda's Bow Tie Quilt in reproduction feedsack fabrics
Pat's Vintage Beauty - (Cleopatra's fan) table runner
Lynn's Doilies
Karla's Fabric Strips Trees Wall Hanging
Barb's Hunter Star Runner
Judy's Square in a Square Quilt and Friendship Braid Pillow
Sandy's Projects - Picture Frames and Wall hangings
Chantell's Bedroom "Bedding" Makeover
Melinda's "H" Quilt
Melinda's Strip Trees Quilt
Nancy's Starry Night Pillows
Judy's Snowball Quilt
Kathee's Friendship Braid Pillow
Cherri's "Owls Are Among Us" Quilt / Wall Hanging
Carols' Pot Holders
Judy's Cathedral Window Pillows
Nancy's Tissue Holders
Sandy's Owl Mug Rugs
Mary and Bill's "On the Edge Wall" Clamshell Hanging
Sandy's Projects - Leaf Bowl and Wall hangings
Renee's Hexie Pillow
Choon's Zippered Hexie Purse /Pouch and zippered Tote
Donna's Christmas Gift Mug Rugs
Suzanne's Victorian and Retro Pot Holders
Diane's Picture Frame Wall Hangings
Choon's Mother and Child Mini Quilt, and Petal Bowl
Deb's Owl Mug Rugs
Karla's - "me" projects - pillow, wall hanging, table topper
Debbie's Spinning Doily and Mug Rug
Tanya's Tree skirt
Barbara's Boiler Room tags
Karla's Wall Hanging Projects
Suzanne's Apple Core Purse
Marilyn's Spinning Star Wall Hanging
Choon's Candy Bowls
Kathee's Towel Toppers
Karla's Wall Hanging
Kay's Black and White Tote/Bag
GML's Orange Peel Quilt
Muriel's Crazy Catz Quilt
Judy's Flower Power Quilt
Barbara's Circles in Motion (Winding Way's) Quilt
Karla's Projects
Choon's 3D Trees
Piper's Tree Table Runners
Kay's Grandmother Flower Garden Table Cloth
Anneke's Owl Projects
Kay's Apple Core Curtain
Rina's Foot Stools
Melinda's Apple Core Table Topper
Judy's Quilt for her first Grandchild
Cheryl, Lise and Betty's projects
Janet's - Doilies and Bowls
Peggy's Crazy Patch Christmas Quilt
Cherri's Curvaceous Quilt
Melinda's Hexie Book Case Runners
Cherri's TIRSO Quilt Table Runner
Sheryl's "Strictly on Point Quilt"
Melinda's "Home For Christmas" - Striped Quilt
Melinda's "Santa's Quilt" - Striped Quilt
Clorreta's Pot Holders
Joan's Orange Peel Quilt
Ginger's 27 inch Doily
Ginger's Patriotic Hexagon Runner
Pauline's Flower Power Summer Handbag
Geri's Spice Kitty Quilt With Flower Power
Geri's Pinwheel and Snowball Quilt
Cherri's Turtles and Fish Quilt
Melinda's Hexagon Haven Quilt
Pauline's Daisy Projects
Marie's Orange Peel quilt and Pillow
Geri's Kitty Quilt, using the 4 patch and strictly on point quilt sets
Deb's Windmill Cushions
Judy's Circles Quilt
Melinda's Scrappy 4 Patch Quilt
Geri's Snowball and Bow-tie Quilt
Maureen's Bathroom makeover - Toilet lid covers, and tank covers
Cherri's June Bug Quilt
Barbara's Placemats
Nancy's Cowl Scarves
Audrey's Bags and Cushions
Various Projects from Beth, Carol and Piper
Lynn's Apple Core Quilt
Joyce's Table Topper
Melinda's Bowties and Buttondowns Quilt
Joan's Snowball Table Topper
Audrey's Cushions and Bowls
Barbara's 8 Point Star pillow
Beth's Blackwork Wall Hanging
Kay's Snowball Quilt
Audrey's Snowball Cushions
Audrey's Projects - Totes/ Bag
Judy's Grandmother Fan Quilt
Various Projects from Various Customers
Rina's projects - Travel Bags
Trina's Projects - Pumpkin Towel Toppers
Linda's Projects - Table Runner and Photo Frame
Fern's Attic Window Wall Hanging
Audrey's Projects - Bowls and Tote's
Teresa's Cat in The Hat Quilt
Bonnie's Wall Hanging and Framed Tribute
Audrey's Stunning Black Work Floral Bag
Fern's Pillows
Kristi's Beautiful "wiggles and Squiggels" quilt
Kristi's Flower Bowls
Inez Beautiful 27 inch Doilies
Ferm's Wall Hanging
Kay's Floral Quilt
Harriet's Orange Peel Quilt
Harriet's Decorative Quilting Baby Quilt
Cherri's Spring Flag Quilt
Judy's Table Runner
Deb's Cushions
Jean's Christmas Tree Skirt
Dawn's Apple core Purse
Donna's Table Topper
Cushions made by Doreen
Donna's Round Doily
Jean's Echo Dreams 3 Table Cloth
Lorraine's Attic Window Christmas Wall Hanging
Cherri's round doily
Rina's wall hangings made from CCQ0305
Kay's Appliqué Butterfly Fairy
Rina's wall hanging made from CCQ0308 combined with CCQ0309
Laura's Stunning Tote
Cushions made by Doreen
Lauren's Echo Dreams 3 Pillow
Pat's Echo Dreams 3 Pillow
Handbag from Rina
Fern's Placemats
Selena's Disney Quilt
Ann's Echo Dreams 3 Pillow
Kay's Stunning Kitchen Curtain
Teddy Bear Quilt from Nancy
Handbag 1 from Rina
Miscellaneous projects from Beverly
Echo Dreams 3 -Cushion made by Glenys
Exquisite Cushions made by Doreen
Beautiful Quilts - Quilt from Selena
Beautiful Quilts - Quilt from Rina
Cushions made by Doreen
More Exquisite Cushions made by Doreen
Beautiful Quilts - Quilt from Bonnie
Leaf Doily's made by Hermien
Gails' Wall Hanging
Beautiful Quilts - Teddy Bear Quilt from Hermien
Beautiful Quilts 48 - Attic Quilt from Bonnie
Beautiful Quilts 47 - Attic Quilt from Judy
Exquisite Cushions made by Doreen
Stunning Tote and 27 inch Doily made by Kay
Sunflower Doily made by Beth
Linda's 1st project ever - Beautiful Table Topper
Stunning Table Topper from Renee
Wonderful Gifts made by Marsha - Doilies, Potholders and Placemats
Beautiful Quilts 46 - Deer Quilt From Kay
Placemats From Teresa
Another Stunning Wall Hanging
Exquisite Christmas Tree Skirt
Mantel covers and toppers
Potholder 4 Projects
Fall / Autumn Projects - Bell Pull Type Wall Hanging
Fall / Autumn Projects - Table Topper
Beautiful Quilts 44 - Orange Peel Quilt from set 1
Beautiful Quilts 45 - Orange Peel Quilt from set 2
Stunning Wall Hangings
Dice Purses
Exquisite Butterfly Doilies and Bowls
Beautiful Quilts 43 - Stunning Quilt
Christmas Pot Holders
Orange Peel Placemats
Beautiful Quilts 42 - Dresden Plate Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 41 - Bright and Cheerful Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 40 - Butterfly Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 39 - Chenille Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 38 - Picture Frames 2 Quilt
Stunning Chenille Teddy Bear
Chicken Coup Notice Board
Mantel Cover
Orange Peel Tote Bags
Beautiful Quilts 37 - Apple Core Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 36 - Attic Window
Beautiful Quilts 35 - Orange Peel Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 34 - Orange Peel Quilt
Wall Hanging - Orange Peel
Table Mats
Floral 1 Tote Bag
Beautiful Window Dressing
Beautiful Quilts 33 - Tulip Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 32 - Teddy Bear Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 31 - Orange Peel Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 30 - Attic Window
Wavy Table Topper
Christmas Stockings
Various projects from Donna
Flower Bowl and Doily
Orange Peel Table Topper
Oriental Runner made from CCQ0113
Beautiful Quilts 29 - Noah's Ark Quilt
Beautiful Pillows
Apple Core Diaper bag
Beautiful Quilts 28 - Orange Peel Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 27 - Orange Peel Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 26 - Tulip Quilt
Blanket Chest Cover
Beautiful Quilts 25 - Orange Peel Quilt
Christmas Tree Skirt
Trip around the world Tote bag
Beautiful Quilts 24 - Attic Window Quilt
Beautiful Quilts 23 - Attic Window Quilt
Placemats and container
Various Projects from Nancy - Tote's and quilts
Wallet / Change Purse by Carol
Projects by Joyce
Eva's Tote
Helena's cushions and pillows
Variety of Projects made by Bonnie - Christmas Tree Skirt, Doggy Diaper,Elbow Protectors and more
Layout for Christmas Tree Quilt
Mixed Flower "round doily"
Tote's / Bags
Tote's / Bags page 2
Q0023 Butterfly Evening Bag,Cushion and Purse
Quilted Butterfly Projects
Q0085 and Q0070 project
Q0083- Pansy Basket
Mantle Cover
Leaf bowls
Rose and Pansy Projects
Drunken Path Project and Doilies
Pumpkin Doilies
Double Wedding Ring Placemat
Graduation Gifts
Jacket incorporating some quilt panels
Round Tablecloth
Sewing Area Waste Collector
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Tree Wall hanging
Double Wedding Ring Quilt in progress
Picture Frames
Stunning Doily
Q0081- Pansy Doily page 1
Q0081- Pansy Doily page 2
Q0081- Pansy Doily page 3
Q0104 - Pansy Placemats
Q0079 - Pansy Project
Q0072 Projects page 1
Q0072 Projects page 2
Q0063 Projects page 1
Q0063 Projects page 2
Q0063 Projects page 3
Q0057 - Tote / Purse
Q0057 - pg2 - Tote / Purse

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