Q0028 - Quilt 4 and 5 Scallops and Borders

Scallops and Sashing Projects

Sandy B's Hydrangea Quilt

Sandy also made these beautiful Shams to compliment her quilt

Sandy used the 6x10 Border (Sashing) panels from the Quilt 4 Scallops and Borders set,
combined with the 6x10 Quilt 5 (Rectangle) set,
and then used the 6x10 Wider Scallop Borders from the Quilt 4and 5 Scallops Set.


The Hydrangea used on this quilt is from: http://www.kodesign.de/flowerframe.htm 

I call this quilt Just Hydrangeas. This quilt is 65" X 95" and it goes on the daybed twin with the hydrangea's facing out.
I wanted all white no print fabrics to fight the design.
I use nebs prewound bottoms and hate to wind bobbins. lol I stitch with a titanium #14 needle when I do these quilts.
Nice thing about doing these quilts all in the hoop is you don't have to use all cotton and comes out of the dryer with NO WINKLES hoorray!!
Whole quilt done from 50/50 poly cotton 200 count bedsheets prewashed sheets are from Walmart.
I use marathon polyester and get the king cones of 5,000 yds
My batting is poly.
hugs sandy
Sandra S's Quilts
Sandra loves making quilts, and she is having loads of fun with the quilt sets.
In the Quilt below, Sandra combined the 6x10 Wider Scallops of the Quilt 4and 5 Scallops Set., with the Narrow sashing of the 6x10 (160mm)  Quilt 4 Scallops and Borders set,

The tigers are from   http://www.adesigninstitches.com/


In the Quilt below, Sandra used the

Scallops and Sashing of the 6x10 (160mm) Quilt 4 Scallops and Borders set

the square is located in Quilt 6 - Borders and Corners set or the  Quilt 4 set


Victorian Children  designs are from Dolly Designs

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