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"QI" Quarter Inch Quilt Sets

All the designs have been thoroughly tested.
Please remember to refresh your browser when entering the various sections of this web site in order to view the latest updated version.

In the "QI" Series - the contrast fabric is attached using either a stitch and flip or applique method
AND - There is NO Outside Satin Edge on any of the panels, be they be borders, corners or squares.
The Design files in these sets have a built in quarter inch seam allowance.
When you use the QI panels, you will straight stitch the panels together to make your project.
- complete details are in the PDF document on how to use these design files -
The "QI" Series is available in various Sizes. In some sets not all the sizes will be available, but will be in the sizes that are best suited for the design / or in the size that the set was requested.
The QI sets can be mixed and matched with each other, as long as all the sets are in the same size

All QI sets below - Click on any of the pictures