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TIRSO Quilts - (Turn It Right Side Out)

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Thought it was time to give this method an abbreviated name, and decided on TIRSO (Turn It Right Side Out),
From now on I will refer to them as such, so you immediately know what I mean when I refer to a TIRSO set.
With these sets there is no satin stitching, and no raw edges once the panels are completed.
Giving these a more traditional look and feel.
Made completely in the hoop in one hooping
When making larger projects, eg. quilts etc, you can either hand stitch the completed panels together,
or assemble them with your sewing machine using a stitch of your choice.
Suggestions and photos for assembly are provided in the PDF document that comes with each set.


Click here for layouts and ideas of how you can combine (mix and match) the TIRSO Quilt sets.


All Sets below - Click on any of the pictures

Q0390 - TIRSO - 3x3 inch completed Squares

 the 3x3 inch squares can make wonderful projects all on its own, and can also be used as the "corner stone" for the 3 inch Sashing sets below.

Q0391 - TIRSO - 4.5x4.5 inch completed Squares

Q0394 - TIRSO - 3x4.5 inch completed Sashing


Q0392 - TIRSO - 6 inch completed Squares

Q0395 - TIRSO - 3x6 inch completed Sashing

Q0393 - TIRSO - 7.5 inch completed Squares

Q0396 - TIRSO - 3x7.5 inch completed Sashing


Q0398 - TIRSO - 4.5x9 inch completed Rectangle / Sashing

Q0397 - TIRSO - 3x9 inch completed Sashing


Q0399 - TIRSO - Heart  - 4 of the 3x3 inch Squares = a 6 inch square

Q0400 - TIRSO - Heart - 2 of the 3x6 inch Panels = a 6 inch completed Heart


Q0401 - TIRSO - Heart - 2 of the 4.5 x9 inch Rectangles = a 9 inch completed Heart

Click here for layouts and ideas of how you can combine (mix and match) the TIRSO Quilt sets.

Q0402 - TIRSO - Heart - 2 of the 3x4.5 inch panels = a 3x9 inch sashing length


Q0403 - TIRSO - Heart -  3x9 inch panels

Hexie TIRSO set

Q0389 - HOME 11 - Small - 3x3.5 inch completed Hexagon  


Q0467- HOME 16 - Charm Size - 4.1x4.7 inch completed Hexagon

Q0469- HOME 17 - Medium - 4.63x5.35 inch completed Hexagon

Q0470 - HOME 18 - Large - 5.4x6.25 inch completed Hexagon

Q0472- Circle Mug Rugs / Doilies - 4.7x4.7 / 5x5 / 5.8x5.8 / 7x7 / 8x8

Q0527 - Circle Coasters - 4x4 hoop


Q0496 - HOME 19 -  Charm Pack, Medium, Large and Xlarge


Q0530 - TIRSO - Cathedral (Orange Peel) Squares  - BONUS SET- 4.7 inch - 5 inch / 5.8 / 8 inch

Q0570 - Curves - (Quilt Scapes / Mug Rugs)  -  5.8x8 (150x200)

Q0583 - Star in a Rectangle - 5x6 or 5.8x6.8 or 8x9

Q0584 - HOME 22 - Star in a Hexagon - 5x6 or 5.8x6.8 or 8x9


Hi Chantell
Just thought I would share with you the tool I have been using to turn my hexies right side out. I bought this collar turning tool from Nancy's notions so long ago and decided to try it with this project. It works like a charm.


Click Here for Layouts and ideas of how you can combine the TIRSO Quilt sets.



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