Mix and Match Information

for Quilt 4 and 5 Scallops set

This is an accessory set and only contains the scallops and straight panel borders (sashing).

These Scallops and borders are used as accessory panels to the

 Quilt 4, Quilt 5Butterfly Squares and or the Daisy Quilt sets. They can also be used with the Squares of the Quilt 6 set


Sandra S, used the wide sashing and scallop panels, and made this beautiful tote.

The Tote Strap / Handle is also included in this set.

The centre square is from the Quilt 6 set( Corners and Borders A)


A beautiful Bonnet Babe Quilt made by Sandra

The Large Squares in this photo are from the  Quilt 4 set or you can use the squares from the Quilt 6 set(Corners and Borders A), and the Bonnet Babes are from the Bonnet Babes B set


Sandy B, was busy with her Hydrangea Quilt, when she mentioned she needed wider Scallops - Just look at the beautiful project she made.

Sandy used the Quilt 5 - 6x10 Rectangle for the Hydrangea

The Hydrangea used on this quilt is from: http://www.kodesign.de/flowerframe.htm 

You can also combine this set with the sets listed below
Quilt 4

Butterfly Squares

Daisy Quilt

Quilt 5


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