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CCQ0466 - MAD Set 1 - Rose

 all individual appliqué design elements fit within the 5x7 hoop

What is fun about this set is
that you receive each appliqué element on its own
You can arrange them any way you want, in either small or large arrangements
You can add your arrangements to
- quilted squares, quilted rectangles, mug rugs, towel toppers, any quilted panel of your choice
- a shopping tote
- a cushion cover
- a Jacket pocket

This arrangement below was done using designs 1, 2, 3 and 4 , in case you like this arrangement, I included it as design 13 - it fits within the 150x240 hoop This arrangement below was done using designs 6, 7, 8 and 9, in case you like this arrangement, I included it as design 11 - it fits within the 5x7 hoop (please take note that the quilted background is not included in the set , it is merely the item I appliquéd the rose onto)

The Rose Designs, are provided in two options
Design 04 and 09 uses a solid piece of fabric for the rose. Designs 05 and 10 - is set up so you can use up all your fabric scraps - see how great it looks
Design files in this set - the individual appliqué elements fit within either the 5x7 or 4x4 hoop.
WxH in inches & stitches WxH in inches &stitches WxH in inches &stitches WxH in inches &stitches WxH in inches &stitches
01 : 4.73x3.33 S=2640
Colour stops = 3
02 : 2.69x2.02 S=1180
Colour stops = 3
03: 2.02x1.84  S=936
Colour stops = 3
04: 4.43x4.24  S=6652
Colour stops = 3
04: 4.43x4.24 S=7007
Colour stops = 13
06 :  2.03x3.62  S=1951
Colour stops = 3
07 :  1.21x2.06  S=787
Colour stops = 3
08 :  1.98x1.31  S=818
Colour stops = 3
09 :  2.83x2.91  S=3252
Colour stops = 3
10 :  2.83x2.91  S=3361
Colour stops = 8

10 Design Files + a PDF document - ( + 2 design files that has been "arranged" according to the above stitch outs)

*****Please take note - all the projects on display are made from using printed or plain fabric - the fabric is not included in the set. You would use whichever fabric you choose to for your projects.*****

A PDF Document is included to assist you 

Suggested quilted sets you can combine with the above set


Q0354 - Mug Rug - 5x7 (130x180mm)

Q0352 - Mug Rug - 5.8x9.4 (150x240mm)


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CCQ00466 - MAD Set 1 - Rose


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all the individual designs fit within the 5x7 hoop DST HUS JEF PES VIP VP3

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